From May 1st, 2019, Japanese new era (gen-go) will be”Reiwa”.



If you live in Japan, you might see “T S H” when you write the birth date on some documents.

T= Taisho(大正)S= Showa(昭和)H= Heisei(平成)

もし日本に住んでいるならば、文書に誕生日を書くときに(T H S)という表示を見たことがあるかもしれません。

T=大正 S=昭和 H=平成


Taisho, Showa, Heisei indicate gen-go



The “gen-go” is the name of the era which indicates a unit of year to a specific age in the kanji cultural area influenced by Chinese culture.



The Japanese first era is Taika era, which was established in 645 when Emperor Kotoku, the 36th Emperor, was crowned.



There are multiple ways to determine the new era, but in Japanese modern history, it has been changed on the day of the emperor demises.



However, the new era from 2019 is not due to the emperor’s demise(recent emperor hasn’t passed away yet) but to the new emperor’s enthronement.