When a company is newly established, there are various notifications that must be submitted to the tax office, prefectures, and municipalities for tax purposes.


One of those reports is a corporate establishment notification form.


Tax-related documents for company operation will be sent from the tax office after this procedure. Here, we will explain the details of the submission of the establishment notification form and the points of writing.

※The corporate establishment notification form is below.


☆You have to submit it to the tax office at the head office location..


☆The deadline for submission is set within 2 months from the date of company establishment ( date of establishment registration), so care must be taken not to exceed the deadline for submission.


☆The following items are Corporate information that you have to fill in the form

  1. Corporate name
  2. Head office or location of the main office
  3. Tax location
  4. Representative name
  5. Representative address
  6. Date of establishment
  7. Fiscal year (Business year)
  8. Amount of capital or amount of capital
  9. New company with consumption tax Date of start of the business year
  10. Purpose of business,
  11. Case(type) of establishment
  12. Date when you expect to start the business
  13. Presence of ” Notification on the Establishment of a Salary-paying Office”
  14. tax accountant’s name and address in the case that you hire a tax account



☆The following attachments are required for the Corporate Establishment Notification Form.

・ Copy of articles of incorporation

Balance sheet at the establishment

・ Registration certificate

・ Shareholder list

Here is ”corporate establishment notification form”