How individual open bank account in Japan?

Basicaly you can not open a bank account in Japan if you stay in Japan for less than 6 months. However, the regulations differ slightly depending on the bank, so it is better to apply to several banks. Also, if you open an account at a bank branch away from your address, you may be asked for details or may be refused in some cases, so be sure to apply at a branch near your regidence.



☆ What you require

①Identification document with head shot and address(a copy is not accepted except for mail request)


Ex.Identification card, special permanent resident certificate,  driver’s license.


you will also need to prove your current address, such as bills and receipts of utility charges such as water, gas, and electricity.



②seal 印鑑

There is also a bank that is enough with just a signature, but it is safer to prepare in advance.



③phone number 電話番号

Even mobile phone numbers are acceptable.